The best Activities

Interesting places to visit in this area are :

The Cauliflower Shola which derived by the nature of the shola with its canopy region resembling arranged Cauliflower bunches.

The Bhavani Temple which is located in a beautiful place along the side of the stream which is the main feeder to Upperbhavani Reservoir.

Lakkidi is a backwater area of Upper Bhavani Reservoir from where the Dam water is taken thru' a natural tunnel to Canada Hydro Electric Power House.

Eco Tourism in Avalanche :

Generally per day around 20 to 25 tourists were visiting this area by obtaining permission from the District Forest Officer at Ooty. Based on its own attraction of Tourist towards this area, Eco Tourism concept has been put into action, for easy facilitation to the Tourists in visiting this area. An Eco Development Committee has been formed with the Thoda Tribals from the nearby hamlets. The Eco Tourism is conducted in a regulated manner by sending the tourists in Eco Tour Vehicles only with Guides, which serves in protecting both the Ecosystem and the Tourists.